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Waiting For Heather: Part Four

So there was Heather in my living room, twirling to the music, barefoot, a ballet skirt pulled on over her jeans. As things progressed she seemed to literally get higher, flightier, more frantically graceful, a buzzing Ariel with magic in … Continue reading

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Crime Beat: He’s Got Stinky!

Lovers’ spat turns into assault case A lovers’ quarrel escalated into a dog-napping and assault complaint in Ann Arbor early Sunday morning, city police said. Officers responded to a fight call in the 100 block of South Fourth Avenue at … Continue reading

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Rilke’s 25th (dub)

well, what I have to offer today is this dub of Rilke’s 25th Sonnet to Orpheus: 25 Again I remember you Who I loved like a flower With an unknown name Yet I’ll show you to them My lovely playmate … Continue reading

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Giving Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving: I thank God that I live in a country that follows my personal philosophy: love God and smash your enemy in the mouth if you think they might have something you don’t want them to have and … Continue reading

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Callipygian Vestal

Callipygian vestal Of the incandescent division My little cooch dancer In the middle of something That hasn’t started yet The reflection of the trees On the windshield A Pythia tripod prophesy A gleaming sword Half drawn

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Entropy   Your information held Just the right degree Of strangeness   There was enough noise Woven into the pattern To startle imagination   But how quickly Your sinuous line Went dead

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Woman: So all you do is sit here and read books all day? Snappy Bookseller: Well, I answer stupid questions too…

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Bo: A Tribute for the Ages

Wow, time happens, doesn’t it? It’s really hard to believe that it was just about a year ago that my man Bo Schembechler passed, that the clock in the big house of that maize and blue heart of his finally … Continue reading

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Quote Bag: Two Things

This morning I was reading TechGnosis by Erik Davis, a very interesting book that I’ll probably write more about, when I came across a passage that seemed very pertinent to yesterday’s post about modern horror and Stefan Grabinski, who, it’s … Continue reading

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The Dark Domain by Stefan Grabinski

Wow. I’ve been reading books for over forty years, have been certified as a Master of Language and Literature by the State of Minnesota, toiled in the new and used book biz for twenty years and have therefore been exposed … Continue reading

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