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  Supernatural   At that time There was only the slightest Element of the supernatural In her face And demeanor   She knew what the rest Of the world did not – that This second immaculate conception Was the result … Continue reading

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Titular Musings

  Journal For The Fashionable World General Excess The Desire And Pursuit Of The Hole To The Desert Saints The Madness of Doctor Tube Jesus Christ: A Popular Fellow Green Almanac Of The Muses Morning Reading For The Cultivated Classes … Continue reading

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Quote Bag: Novalis: Press Me, Baby!

  To you, Mary, A thousand hearts are lifted. In this shadow life They would yearn only for you. They hope to be delivered With presentient desire – If only you would press them, Holy Being, To your true breast. … Continue reading

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Quote Bag: Ho for Idaho!

  Then, suddenly, our terrible enemies threw off their masks and displayed their true natures. With a gleaming knife, he threatened to end all her further troubles in this world. A dread of being separated from the only white woman … Continue reading

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  Skeletons   Doll art Asphyxiation Stepping toward me Still pushing her Coat away delivering Little exclamations driving Us to eventuality to The extinction of experience The realm of the foraging hand The skeletons inside us Finding strange company In … Continue reading

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Crime Beat: One Nutty Squirrel

  Squirrel bites EMU student on toe A 17-year-old Eastern Michigan University student was bitten by a squirrel near Sherzer Hall at about 4 p.m. Wednesday, campus police said. The women said the squirrel approached her and she spoke to … Continue reading

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Royal Oak?

A Royal pain in the ass is what I calls it!

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Crime Beat: Cross-Dresser Traffic

He, dressed as she, hits lingerie store Saying he was angry a lingerie store refused to hire him, a man dressed in women’s clothing drove his vehicle into a building – causing $3,000 in damage and resulting in felony charges, … Continue reading

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The Devil Writes Out

Steven Sidor’s book has moved me to take a quick read through the tacky world of Black Magic/Satanic popular literature. Someday, when I am properly inspired, I’d like to incorporate this material into one of my sex/drug word collages probably under … Continue reading

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Library Events:I’m Not Playing With My Food, Ma, I’m BUILDING!

  EDIBLE ARCHITECTURE 2 p.m., Ann Arbor District Library, Malletts Creek branch. Who can build the tallest food structure? Free.  

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