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Crime Beat: The Decline of Western Civilization

2 parents arrested in separate DUIs A Northville couple ended up in jail, both facing drunken driving charges, after Ypsilanti Police first pulled over the husband, who was driving with his young son in the car, and then arrested the … Continue reading

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So finally, JENNIFER LOPEZ admits that’s she pregnant. Bully for her, but UBU has to cringe at the knowledge that reams of treacly publicity are sure to spew out of the baloney machine about the blessed event. Every time a … Continue reading

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Dear Editor: Creche Keeping

Dear Editor: The citizens of Parkway are again facing their annual debate as to whether a creche of our blessed Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ and Master of All Nations should be allowed on municipal property or not. For … Continue reading

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Scythians   In a skin tent Covered with furs She’s been abducted by Scythians To be their deity and Is quite pleased with the situation She says I can visit her but When I return to my world It will … Continue reading

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Quote Bag: A Dangerous Degenerate of the Ha-Cha Generation

Like scenes of horror reeled through a jerky projector the mad orgy staggered to its awful end. They brought an alienist to examine me and he said that I was not insane but that I was probably a dangerous degenerate. … Continue reading

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Q: What is the sound of one hand clapping? A: A rhetorical question.

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