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Kill All Your Darlings by David Bell

Nobody does a great set-up for a thriller like David Bell, which is not to say he’s shabby at the execution either. His latest, Kill All Your Darlings, is no exception, starting with an irresistible premise — English professor Connor … Continue reading

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At Last! The Return of Literocity!

Much has been written about the rebellious new generation in suburbia — about its corruption of conscience, its wild pursuit of “kicks,” its abandonment of traditional moral codes. …REQUIRED READING FOR ALL WHO ARE DISTURBED BY THE SPREAD OF MORAL LAXITY … Continue reading

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Thirteen Men by Tiffany ThayerIllustrated by Mahlon BlaineThirteenth Printing, June 9, 1931

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Torn From the Pages of…THE QUOTE BAG

The Man Who Didn’t Fly/Margot Bennett He had a disease of the liver that prevented him from working at anything but the study of racing forms. She sat beside him, indicating by twitches of nostril and eyebrow how complete was … Continue reading

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The Unusual Suspect: The Rise and Fall of a Modern Day Outlaw by Ben Machell

Character is key in almost any kind of book. This was brought home to me recently when I read and really enjoyed The Unlikely Suspect by Ben Machell after having encountered several other true crime books that simply didn’t satisfy. … Continue reading

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In the spring of 1945 American armies advancing through Germany discovered a cache of paintings from Berlin museums hidden in a salt mine. The works were transported to the United States for “safekeeping.” Under supervision of the Army, they were … Continue reading

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The Romance of Old Books

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Literocity In Suburbia

They were all escapees from the city, driven to the country by a desire to live apart from their neighbors, only to discover a new kind of neighborly intimacy and torment in each others’ beds. Published By MONARCH BOOKS, INC. … Continue reading

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Contribution to the Literocity of the World

Sex, in all its infinite variety has been the most powerful force influencing mankind, for good or evil, since the dawn of time. A REVELATION FOR PAGANS — AN EYE OPENER FOR PURITANS! [1966]

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Our Contribution to Literocity

What compulsions drive these voluptuous creatures into the Lady Wrestling racket; and how are they different from other women? Why do they allow themselves to be clawed, slugged, kneed and butted? What do these super-gals do for sexual pleasure? [1962]

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