the evening is cool
and beyond the
slackening rain
through broken clouds
a moon immaculate
Jōzan Ishikawa

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Sea of the Sunset

Upper Sea

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Portrays A Preserved Head

Once thought to be war trophies, severed heads among the Nazca (100 BC–AD 800) were ritual objects of unknown purpose. The figure portrayed on the vessel has its mouth sewn shut with cactus spines.

The Field Museum, photographer John Weinstein

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Desiré Maurice Ferrary (1852–1904)
Lady Lever Art Gallery

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I go on my walk – there are a lot of helicopters around because of the airshow – Vietnam era ones I know the names of from when I was a kid – a couple big Chinooks and a bunch of Cobras flying in loose formation, buzzing the city, sweeping overhead as I trudge down the sidewalk and see a woman just standing there, holding her groceries, staring up in the sky Why is it doing that? hovering directly over her house I don’t know I say I just hope they don’t drop anything I pass her but the helicopter’s following me now, staying right above, matching my pace all the way down the block, turning with me into the park – I stop under a tree but it stays, suspended, moving slightly when I step out and start taking pictures of it as it hangs there, playful yet menacing and there’s a sense of panic and the only reason I don’t run is because I think that must be what he wants, that guy in there, to chase someone trying to get away – I get the photo I want and it suddenly wheels and chops away…

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Feel It?

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Unknown artist
Stockwood Discovery Centre

It’s that time of summer when things get a little crazy…and we with them

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Excuse Me

excuse me but
this is what we have
this is what we have
in these bags of skin

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Magic Wand

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