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Finally Knew What She Wanted

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At Last! The Return of Literocity!

Much has been written about the rebellious new generation in suburbia — about its corruption of conscience, its wild pursuit of “kicks,” its abandonment of traditional moral codes. …REQUIRED READING FOR ALL WHO ARE DISTURBED BY THE SPREAD OF MORAL LAXITY … Continue reading

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You’re Really Amped, Ann

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After Jami

Sacrality proffers divine giftsSexuality accepts themIn esoteric aspectIn erotic formHer breasts are orbsOf light most pureTwin bubbles new risenFrom paradise’s fountainTwo young pomegranatesGrown on one sprayThe display fruit of equanimityFor whom For whomAll eyes All eyesHunger HungerContemplate DesireAvid is that … Continue reading

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We see only a portion of all bodiesNo body is revealed in its entiretyBut only with partial understanding She’s the universeWe mere illusionManifestations of herEternal reconfiguration Simultaneously existing in aHigher plane shepherding thePassage of energy into matter

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The Wheel

The wheel turning queenTurns the gleaming wheelThe wheel of charmsFollow the wheelRevolving with noBeginning and no endThe wheel of becomingEncircling allDesire is the hub of the wheelCrafting Soul on the wheelRevolving around female energyThe turning that leads to blissThe transmission … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Right Out

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Last Words of Lord Manifex-Saltmarsh

“I say, this may not be the sky that one would most hope to view whilst in the midst of a spring ramble, eh what?” — Last words of Lord Manifex-Saltmarsh before he was killed by lightning

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2 Jennifer Love Hewitt

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