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Chill DeFreeze

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Midland County Jail

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He Gazed on Her

He gazed on her peach of immortality gourd sacred fungus perceiver of sounds calling the world to witness to attract and interact with spirits a demon queller a living shrine for transporting the spirit of the goddess Once again to … Continue reading

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Revisit ReflectThe first instanceOf such a thingFine buxom bodyExquisite enchantingKinetic sorcerousStarlike fathomThe unfathomableAmidst pot stokedNymphs strikingModern attitudesTitillate incarnationDon’t judge conceptionAppreciate creationAn ember fallen fromThe sun fallen toThe earth sensateAnd yet reappearsWith ever more clarityAnd insistence

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The Unspeakable Head Spring Adjurations

Voluptuous rapturesThat heretofore haveOnly existed inDisordered imaginationThe head spring thatAnimates all impudenceUnriddling every day passingLike the present day amidstHuman rites & adjurationsMultivalent & sublimeInterpretive spacesUnspeakable

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There are momentsWhen it seems the veilWill be removedAn earthly glowing whiteCould scarcely containThe vitality of her bosomUndergird culture with desireDesire building like a towerImagery of the chthonicFemale sexuality miredIn swampy imagery dreamLike migratory legends aSubterranean subconsciousOneiric quality darknessUnconsciousness sleep

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The Canny Blonde

Evoke InvokeA being of another worldThe canny blonde ofSacred redundancyThe face of one whichNo time can wear fromRemembranceTranscendenceSacrednessFascinating signs andMystical manifestationsHelp feel descendSuch a beautiful absenceOf every other colorCharismaThis matchless womanIn my dreary dungeonThe clay-cold bosomOf our love but let … Continue reading

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A resolution of shadowsThat seem to know it allAs the dark shades of nightBegin to involve every objectRegard the wreck you left behindEager in pursuit of your wishesThe shock of that momentSeparated us for everIn this world

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Clandestine proceedingsNothing but compulsionUnbosom it now(says the Countess)To do so requires aResolution I amScarcely master of(I reply)

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