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Phyllis Davis: Love Vessel

Phyllis Davis: Love Vessel Phyllis begins in disguise, with a wig on, heavily made up, looking like a moderately priced hooker, in a silky, loose jump suit – but still everything comes through, most obviously that incredible, best on T.V. … Continue reading

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Hunting The Wild Duck

Hunting The Wild Duck   I first got into Henrik Ibsen’s The Wild Duck while reading Shyness & Dignity by Dag Solstad (I’m sure you all remember my review – 3 out of 4 people find it useful on Amazon!) … Continue reading

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Log of the HMS Metaphor: Quotebag

Log of the HMS Metaphor   Here arises the daughter of the great Thunderer who emerged from his head without a mother, and she proffers her hand to our lowly mind. – Lorenzo de’ Medici   Indeed she was better … Continue reading

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Crime Beat: Another Great Alibi from Ann Arbor Police Reports Two housemates returned and saw the thief near another home, so they called 911 and followed him until officers found him sitting on a ledge near the Frieze Building. The … Continue reading

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Thunder Perfect Mind

from Thunder Perfect Mind   For I am the first and the last. I am the honored one and the scorned one. I am the whore and the holy one. I am the wife and the virgin. I am the … Continue reading

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Voice Recognition Screed

Library built she’s already in it, milk spilt she’s already cried and it, and in it. The dawn as come, but she’s already cracked it, the morning aborning in the budding and the scudding, a flock of running nylon passing … Continue reading

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The Word Orgasm in the Title: Quote Bag

The Word Orgasm in the Title   It may, therefore, be a subject worthy of curiosity to inquire what is the nature of that evidence which assures us of any real existence and matter of fact, beyond the present testimony … Continue reading

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the Annals of the criminal mind

Sydney’s primary revelation was that a flying saucer would soon arrive to collect passengers good enough to live with the people of Enoch, whose city had been relocated on the North Star. Sydney told Alma that they’d have to get … Continue reading

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The Ice Museum by Joanna Kavenna

The Ice Museum: In Search of the Lost Land of Thule by Joanna Kavenna (Viking Press, hardback, $24.95) Thule, like Atlantis or Shangri-la, is one of those mythic place names that fires human imagination by its mere sound alone. It … Continue reading

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The Wind

The Wind   Out on the street The wind will Blow you around   It blows past Banners, speakers Presidents   It blows ducks Off the pond One after the other In rows   It blows around women Women with … Continue reading

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