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Happy Halloween!

  Another clap of thunder burst over them; the lightning rolled in ten thousand fantastic shapes, along the enameled green, and appeared burning up the verdure, and transfixing every living animal that came within reach of its malevolence. The lake … Continue reading

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Smoke Ghost

Kurt Schwitters Undbild     from "Smoke Ghost" There was a washed-out advertisement of some ancient patent medicine on the nearest wall. Superficially it was like ten thousand other drab city roofs. But he always saw it around dusk, either … Continue reading

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Important Announcement

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Senior Cut Day

She plopped onto my lap  Beer sloshing over the lip Of her plastic cup Whoops    Damn I gave her a bear hug Am I a lucky guy or what   Well, damn she said You Might just get even luckier … Continue reading

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Crime Beat: That’s What I Call A Party!

  A Van Buren Township man was shot in the leg during a party at an Ann Arbor hotel early Saturday morning, police said. Officers were dispatched to the Executive Hotel for a shots fired call about 12:30 a.m. and … Continue reading

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Did you find what you were looking for?

  Yes | No Great! Please tell us what you found most helpful. We’re sorry. Please tell us what went wrong. Sure No Thanks Feedback Close

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Actual Conversation

  Young Fellow: Are you the manager?   Your Local UBU: We don’t have managers here.   Young Fellow: Well, are you the person I would talk to about applying for a job?   Your Local UBU: We don’t have … Continue reading

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  I felt like a puss oozing blackhead, filled to bursting with something that was not me.  

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Horny Dead Beat Immigrant Assaults American Woman!

Let’s stop mollycoddling these foreign animals –They demand handouts yet commit violent crimes! A rhinoceros at the Pittsburgh zoo crushed the tip of a keeper’s thumb as she hand-fed it treats this morning, the zoo’s director said. “Anybody that has … Continue reading

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Word to the Wise

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