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Metallic Goddess From A UFO

  radiating her charms on we here below

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When little boys have learned a new bad word they are never happy until they have chalked it up on a door. And this also is Literature. — Rudyard Kipling

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By Little Fawn Lake Things Take a Turn

By little Fawn Lake things take a turn Down fall all we through holes Snagged by twisting time vines Desire changing the manifest station In a dizzying static transformation of skin That corpse-like tart Picked up on Hennepin Indulging her … Continue reading

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Hall Light

It all starts with the light right With whoever turns it all on Janis Johnson white as Wisconsin Standing with indifferent gravity Under the fluorescent flow flicker Falling from the children’s coffins Suspended over our heads washing Out her too … Continue reading

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Universal Alley

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The Spirit of the Deceased

月岡芳年筆 「月百姿 源氏夕顔巻」The Spirit of the Deceased Yūgao Entwined in Moonflower Vines, based on the print “The Lady of the Evening Faces,” from the series One Hundred Aspects of the Moon (Tsuki hyakushi: Genji Yūgao no maki),ca. 1892 Tsukioka Yoshitoshi The … Continue reading

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It’s like this to me: A boon companion of The Buffalo harlots A slave to my reach I Give her a speculative look & she presents herself to me Nothing but crossed wires & Two fragments of transparent Fabric What … Continue reading

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Encountering in the Sacred Grove of the Shinto Shrine The Fallen White Glove of The Goddess Amidst the Playful Skulls

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