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A Mused — Part Four

A Mused (Part Four) If, as I pointed out in Part Three of this essay, it’s true that the supernatural needs humanity, it’s equally true that humanity needs the supernatural, something our contemporary age seems to have forgotten. Sure, it’s … Continue reading

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You the Mann

O.K., I admit it – except for short stuff like Death in Venice and Tonio K. I haven’t read Thomas Mann, which is sort of shameful considering he’s such a towering figure in modern literature, etc. I guess it was … Continue reading

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Actual News Item

SEMINARS ON DIVORCE START IN JANUARY     The seminars will cover the following topics:   Legal aspects of divorce by local attorney ALFREDA MENLOVE.            

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Paycheck Uncashed

O.K. – to set the scene – my long Christmas travail was coming to an end…it was the end of the day and business was trailing off…I was too tired to write or read so I decided to watch a … Continue reading

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A Mused (Part Three)

A Mused (Part Three) It was interesting to me to realize that the following quote from La Belle Dame sans Merci and the Aesthetics of Romanticism by Barbara Fass, a volume of literary criticism, could just as easily have come … Continue reading

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The Church of the Redeemer

The Church of the Redeemer   She smiles history Changed now in the Soft age of her eyes   Robed silent she sits Above all the families God eyed children And veiled mothers Correct in their pews   A few … Continue reading

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A Mused (Part Two)

A Mused (Part Two) The principle subject of La Belle Dame sans Merci by Barbara Fass is an examination of the titular figure, who must be, like the Femme Fatale, both seductive and dangerous, but, even more, to be unambiguously … Continue reading

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Christmas Spirit

The Spirit of Christmas I totally believe in the spirit of Christmas – the only problem is that if there is a spirit of Christmas these days it’s an evil one. If you don’t believe me just go on down … Continue reading

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No it can’t be she Who’s hardly here Who never remembers How can she be the one Who remains forever

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Bethany: Part Eight

Bethany: Part Eight Unlike the denizens of Archie comics, we at Pitt Prep didn’t have a Pop’s Chocklit Shop to go to. What we did have was Friendly’s, just another cookie cutter chain restaurant with laminated menus and other people’s … Continue reading

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