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NYPD Photo

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Crime Beat: Stuck on Coffee

Stabbed man puzzles police Police are still puzzled by an incident involving a man with a 5-inch knife stuck into his chest who walked into a restaurant and ordered a coffee Sunday. "His story is still questionable," Warren Police Commissioner … Continue reading

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The god centered life

from the New York Times A woman who answered the door at Mr. Taylor’s trailer in the Beverly Hills Mobile Home Park in Bristol, Tennessee, said that she was his girlfriend and that they spent a lot of time talking … Continue reading

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Personal Assistant

Jeffery D. asks me to join his writing team, dangling Pam in front of my face as a "personal assistant" by way of inducement. Given that, I can only accept and, inevitably, come up with a story about a guy … Continue reading

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  Based on a NYT photo by a guy named Winter

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…have an affair with Tiger Woods.   I just wanted to make that clear.

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Frantic Archie

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Life Without Steelers

I know my binary readership isn’t all that football friendly, but there are some universal truths to be gleaned by my beloved Steelers pathetic performance last night and the sad result that they have no chance to repeat as superbowl … Continue reading

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Three Small Pleasures That Are No More

  The Evening Paper Yesterday was my day off, and I spent the whole afternoon absentmindedly waiting for the thump of the evening paper, which I eventually realized was never, ever going to come again.   The Ice Cream Truck … Continue reading

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Tintin in America

by Herge

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