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Katie: Part Five

Katie: Part Five   "Pan?" Katie seemed to become alert for the first time. Since Pan didn’t go to our school, most people had a hard time categorizing him as anything other than some variety of weirdo, a weirdo, however, … Continue reading

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The Cheerleader’s Conversation

The Cheerleader’s Conversation (To Mr. Yan)   Cruel to you? You’re the one that’s always Saying such nasty things About me   Oh, like you know anything Anything at all   Does she know? What’s she wearing? No kidding Is … Continue reading

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Hidden Palms Rules!

For some reason I was drawn to Hidden Palms from the moment I first heard about it, and not just for the gorgeous girl in the bikini. I love teen melodrama and have wanted to get in at the beginning … Continue reading

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The Dennis Miller Rant

I’ve never been too impressed with Dennis Miller, not even back in the SNL days when everybody else thought he was cool. I guess it’s because we’re both from Pittsburgh, and I know that in every tavern in the city … Continue reading

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Katie: Part Four

Though were far from soul mates, or even especially sympathetic, there was something about Katie I admired, admired not only, with her compact gymnast’s body, long straight hair and resolute blue eyed squint, in the sense of regarding with pleasure, … Continue reading

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The Dorothy Hughes Quote Bag

So Megan liked the Dorothy Hughes thang, meaning it will be published in whatever book it’s going to be published in, extending my immortality by another 400 words. Here’s some Hughes passages I scribbled down as I was researching it: … Continue reading

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the Dorothy Hughes Thang

Hey, I actually got the gig I mentioned a while ago to write a short appreciation of Dorothy Hughes thanks to the wonderful and talented MEGAN ABBOT. I’m not really sure what the book is going to be called or … Continue reading

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Crime Beat: The Snake Strikes Back

Man shooting at snake wounds himself Monday, June 18, 2007Post-Gazette A snake hunter in Indiana County fired at one but only managed to hit himself. State police in Indiana said Nile Griffin, 39, of Mahaffey, was hunting snakes last week … Continue reading

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Orgiastic Dance: Yet More From Snakes in Caves

Here’s my own little contribution to the field of orgiastic dance — once again from that old Sakes in Caves opus… The music intensified, the pipes squalling, and Heather stood to take off the army shirt. She bent to slip … Continue reading

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Sips From the Poisoned Well

In my continuing researches into decadence (the turn of the century movement, thank you very much) I’ve managed to snag a few of the Decadence from Dedalus series titles. What a cool bunch of books, and what a great publishing … Continue reading

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