Bo: A Tribute for the Ages

Wow, time happens, doesn’t it? It’s really hard to believe that it was just about a year ago that my man Bo Schembechler passed, that the clock in the big house of that maize and blue heart of his finally reached double zero. No overtimes this season, Coach! I don’t think anyone anywhere has suffered such a loss as Michigan fans did that day, at least not since another big fella was nailed up to his own goal post a couple of thousands of years ago. I can practically hear Bo’s crazy gruff voice right now, and if we were in his office at this moment I just know what he would say, probably those wise last words he said to me the last time we were together – Hey, you get the hell out of here! Who the hell let you into this building, you freak! Lloyd, Lloyd, call security, there’s a trespasser in my office! Ha, ha! That Bo! Never one to beat about the bush. Good times. A tip of the winged helmet to you, my friend, because I know you’re wearing those wings on your back now.

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