Crime Beat: He’s Got Stinky!

Lovers’ spat turns into assault case

A lovers’ quarrel escalated into a dog-napping and assault complaint in Ann Arbor early Sunday morning, city police said.

Officers responded to a fight call in the 100 block of South Fourth Avenue at about 5 a.m. and while en route were advised of a related larceny of dog complaint.

Officers found a 22-year-old Novi man who said he and his small dog, Stinky, were dropped off by his mother in the city Saturday night. He said he and his dog got into his boyfriend’s car on their way to meet friends.

After going to a few bars, the couple got into an argument and the boyfriend, a 23-year-old La Salle man, left in his vehicle, with the dog.

The victim telephoned him and asked him to return the dog in the area of North Fourth Avenue and Catherine Street. When the boyfriend returned, the victim reported he took his boyfriend’s car keys because he had had too much to drink.

The boyfriend then refused to give the dog back. They scuffled briefly and the victim fell to the ground.

The boyfriend told police he only took the dog in order to get his car keys back. The officer helped the two agree to return their property to each other.

And now for something completely different – here’s a couple of headlines from The Free Press:

Baby’s body burned in grill

Woman’s headless body is discovered in Detroit sewer

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