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Traveling 2

We started into it That great tantalizing Landscape hidden Beneath the layers Of her clothes

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From the UBU mailbag of the mind

TOPS, INDEED   Dear Editor, Every so often I read a letter in our local daily Ann Arbor newspaper. I always feel a warm glow in my heart when I read such letters for to me they reveal one of … Continue reading

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Your Language Is Not My Friend

    Sorry, but you’d have to pay me at least twenty to sit through this…   PERFORMANCE: "LANGUAGE IS MY FRIEND" You order drinks, someone is handed a script and made to perform for your pleasure, and then acting, … Continue reading

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Critical Violation

  This is one inspector I hope never comes to our store: Critical violations: There wasn’t a capable person in charge (corrected).

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Prunikos Playlist

  This has been my sound track lately – it’s mostly derived from stuff that’s come up on the I-tunes party shuffle feature. Like the AOR radio stations of yore, I think we all have the tendency to boil most … Continue reading

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  In the course of traveling We’re forced to share The same bed Chaste but intimate And Even more so In the carriage The next day  

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Big gala at the art museum. She’s there holding the corner of an oversized check signifying an oversized contribution from the oversized donor holding the other corner, but nobody’s looking at him or his check, they’re transfixed by her in … Continue reading

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my Inauguration Fantasy

My fantasy is that soon after the inauguration the aliens will come down in their saucers and reveal all the secrets of the universe to mankind. When asked why they came now they will reply Because you finally showed you … Continue reading

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Buh-Bye Bush

WORST PRESIDENT EVER Is there anyone who’s not happy it’s the end of the Bush presidency? The only thing George was kind of good at was spinning the truth (a.k.a. lying). Now that reality can’t rain on his parade any … Continue reading

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  Legacy   At the old farmhouse A bunch of kids drop by Actual fans We start work on a Giant assemblage when One of them comes in And says Tekla’s outside Yeah? She won’t get out of the car … Continue reading

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