Rilke’s 25th (dub)

end, Heatherwell, what I have to offer today is this dub of Rilke’s 25th Sonnet to Orpheus:


Again I remember you
Who I loved like a flower
With an unknown name
Yet I’ll show you to them
My lovely playmate of the city
Taken so early from this world
A dancer at first then
Your supple body hesitated
As if your youth were cast
In bronze; sorrowful, listening
For the music from eternity
Which sank into your blood
Sickness drew near and
The darkened blood, altered
Already mastered by shadows
Could not wait but surged
Toward its natural end
Again and again it glittered
Earthy, interrupted by dark disaster
Until after the terrible pounding
You entered that desolate open door

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memory documentation and manipulation
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