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In the expanding universe, the farther something is away from you, the faster it is receding. — David Overbye

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Did Russian ASS

make Trump into a Russian ASSET?

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A preamble in the past — the outsider wants to give the heroine his heart valentine, but she finds him too odd, and prefers the fast track talent of the popular swain. Sadly the latter is racked, like a coat, … Continue reading

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Remember This

Forget, forget nothing, don’t forget the sweetness, don’t forget the severity. If indifference and unkindness take hold of your being, stir your memory and think of all the beautiful, all the burdensome things. Remember there is life and there is … Continue reading

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The Dawning Moon of the Mind: Unlocking the Pyramid Texts by Susan Brind Morrow

The “Pyramid Texts” are a group of hieroglyphics that were inscribed on the insides of the Old Kingdom pyramids at Saqqara 4,000 years ago, and, as such, some of the oldest writings that we are aware of. Intended only for … Continue reading

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A Small Deviation From Calculated Expectations

“As we have said multiple times, it could have been anything, including nothing.” — Maria Spiropulu

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God & Jesus

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How the Rest of the Cosmos Views Us

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Abby Bass

exhibits her spiritual effulgence

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