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Sexual desire is a profoundly individual tangle of physical and psychological actions and responses, and it’s inseparable from flesh and circumstance, from instinct and memory and culture. — Jon Pareles

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Book of the month from the Great Lakes Center for Literocity!

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From The Great Lakes Literary Arts Center


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Male Figure Before a Goddess Drawing Aside Her Mantle

Cylinder seal and impression Syria (ca. 1720–1650 B.C.) For the ancient Near East, the act of procreation symbolized creation itself. The female figure in this scene reveals only her pubic area as if to emphasize this idea of procreation rather than … Continue reading

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Japan (made) early 19th century. The netsuke (a kind of toggle) depicts the goddess Okame holding the overtly phallic nose of the mask of a long-nosed tengu (a mythical creature). Quite aware of the suggestive nature of the long nose, … Continue reading

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Tonight We Deride

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In Yab-Yum Mode

A gilded bronze figure of the Dharmapāla Yamari or (after von Schroeder 1981) Rakta-Yamantaka (ie Rakta [red]-Yamari [enemy of Yama]); in yab-yum mode Tibet, 17th Century The British Museum

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What is the true nature of female sexuality? The noted psychiatrist Mary Jane Sherfey suggests the startling possibility that female sexuality is literally an insatiable physical drive that has been powerfully repressed for the sake of orderly human relations.   … Continue reading

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