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Reunion   At the reunion We’re all in the courtyard Holding our drinks And then there’s Heather Standing in front of me Hey, it’s Heather I say Heather’s dead a girl says spitefully But it doesn’t seem to bother Heather

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Statue   One night the house of the alchemist Burns to the ground and he disappears   Only I know about the secret basement I sneak to the still smoking ruins Uncover the trap door and go down   There’s … Continue reading

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Waiting For Heather Part Three

Waiting For Heather Part Three (Disequilibrium)   Strangely enough, when I heard the sound of a car that night I didn’t jump up thinking maybe it’s her the way I had so many times before. Somehow I just knew, and … Continue reading

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The Green Face by Gustav Meyrink

I’m still getting delayed gratification from my recent decadent literature jag – some of the Dedalus books I ordered were out of stock and they’ve been slowly trickling in. One such is Gustav Meyrink’s The Green Face (translated by Mike … Continue reading

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Crime Beat: Slow Learner

Woman catches fire while smoking A 90-year-old Ypsilanti woman remains in critical condition at the University of Michigan Health System after she was injured Thursday when he oxygen system caught on fire while she was smoking. U-M spokeswoman Carolyn Brink … Continue reading

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from Snakes in Caves

Because I talked about it yesterday, because the public demands have been unceasing, but mostly because I don’t have anything else prepared today RADIOFREEUBU proudly presents another slab from the immortal SNAKES IN CAVES:   We have seasons, real seasons, … Continue reading

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Quote Bag: More Snakes, More Caves

When I first chose the basic supernatural themes of snakes and caves for my unpublished (or as I prefer to think of it, SUPPRESSED) novel Snakes in Caves (portions of which have appeared on this site) it was mostly a … Continue reading

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The Head-Thing The Root of All The Dead Speak From Hell The Incandescent Division Fancy That Psychopomp Grandiosity Reading The Trespass Statute Grooming Since I was Disequilibrium The Mole Men Want Your Eyes

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Quote Bag: From Ancient Egypt

from THE LITERATURE OF ANCIENT EGYPT edited by William Kelly Simpson   The mouth of my girl is a lotus bud Her breasts are mandrake apples Her arms are vines Her eyes are fixed like berries Her brow a snare … Continue reading

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Who Put the LIBS in LIBRARIES?

I went into the "public library" to use the washroom and meet some new friends, and let me tell you people, what I saw there MADE MY BLOOD BOIL! These LIBRARY LIBS are "lending" books to ANYONE THAT WANTS THEM … Continue reading

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