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from The UBU Collection

RUNNING WILD! There wasn’t much excitement in Suzi’s young life until a free-loving hippie named Don moved into th building. Don had some pretty far-out ideas about girls and love, and Suzi wanted to learn them all. The time would … Continue reading

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Quote Bag: Beyond the Surmise of Ordinary Consciousness

  Unlike other living things, a human being not only lives, but knows that he is experiencing life. Hence he endeavors to escape from transitoriness; he seeks to incorporate himself into transitoriness in such a way as to share its … Continue reading

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Crime Beat: Wild Turkeys

JACKSON Turkeys attack truckers Some aggressive wild turkeys are causing trouble at a Jackson business. The turkeys have attacked truck drivers and mechanics at Tri-County International Trucks. Employee Dave Dodes said the turkeys are "not afraid of traffic, and now … Continue reading

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Don’t Give In!

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The Double Man by Helen Reilly

The Double Man, Helen Reilly, Dell Book 732 We have several stacks of vintage paperbacks on the front desk, mostly so customers can appreciate their fantastic covers, but there’s more to them than that, and many are well worth reading, … Continue reading

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Description (In Witness’s Own Words): I was watching a baseball game on network television sometime during the autumn of either 1976 or 1977. Suddenly the camera switched from the game to something suspended in the sky. The "something" looked like … Continue reading

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Presented by the NATIONAL GUARD

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Crime Beat: The Old Snow White Trick

‘Suspicious’ parcel: apples for Dingell Ypsilanti Police were called to Rep. John Dingell’s office at 310 W. Michigan Ave. to investigate a suspicious package Monday afternoon, police reports said. It turned out to be apples. A person working in the … Continue reading

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Crime Beat: Ypsilanti Prenatal

Pregnant woman sits down in street Ypsilanti police arrested a pregnant woman who officers day repeatedly walked into a busy downtown street Sunday night. Officers were called to a fight in progress near the corner of Hamilton and Pearl streets … Continue reading

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Slave to Posture

  Smiling A morning spirit of Youthful unconscious dignity That awes standing now In queenly beauty The divinest maid Who ever trod earth   Willingly eagerly and Not through inadvertence A complacent prisoner A slave to posture Hands made fast … Continue reading

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