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Portrays A Preserved Head

Once thought to be war trophies, severed heads among the Nazca (100 BC–AD 800) were ritual objects of unknown purpose. The figure portrayed on the vessel has its mouth sewn shut with cactus spines. The Field Museum, photographer John Weinstein

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Outside Boston City Hall

9/12/01 Original Photo…Ira Wyman/Sygma, via Getty Images

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Happy Labor Day!

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History is at the Core of Propaganda

Photograph by Gilles Sabrié

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In the spring of 1945 American armies advancing through Germany discovered a cache of paintings from Berlin museums hidden in a salt mine. The works were transported to the United States for “safekeeping.” Under supervision of the Army, they were … Continue reading

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Deja Vu-Do

John Otterbridge via Tilton Gallery

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Figure of a Female in Oak

from Ballachulish, 725 – 500 BC National Museums Scotland

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MAR 28 1966

Mrs. Ruth Muirhead, secretary, examines the damage Vandals Make Shambles Of School; $4,000 Loss

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Trump’s First 100 Days

(Flip) FLOP The Precipice Francis Danby (1793–1861) Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

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The Dawning Moon of the Mind: Unlocking the Pyramid Texts by Susan Brind Morrow

The “Pyramid Texts” are a group of hieroglyphics that were inscribed on the insides of the Old Kingdom pyramids at Saqqara 4,000 years ago, and, as such, some of the oldest writings that we are aware of. Intended only for … Continue reading

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