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The Rightness of the Whale

I’m amazed — I’ve seen two contemporary movies in a row that have been pretty darn good. THE SQUID AND THE WHALE shares with the often aforementioned CAPOTE several qualities that make them outstanding. First of all they’re movies for … Continue reading

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Serial Capote

I’ve been reading Lawrence Grobel’s CONVERSATIONS WITH CAPOTE and it’s as entertaining as anything Capote wrote. It made me realize that one of the reasons the movie CAPOTE is so good is that it features the two greatest characters Capote … Continue reading

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First Chapter of my Novel

Here it is — the first chapter of my novel called SNAKES IN CAVES — rights and representation still available!!!!     1.   You have to bow your head when you enter Pittsburgh. It’s surrounded on almost every side … Continue reading

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Sax and Tend

One of the things you notice when you go out in your daily life in the US is that people are always asking you for money. I don’t mean just the homeless and the Salvation Army, but now it’s kids asking … Continue reading

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Truth From Fiction

Lee Child is a writer I avoided for a while — his books look like what I call "airport" books, you know the ones they sell in airports and drug stores, big and squat, tending to have things like bloody … Continue reading

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Non Capote Mentis

Well, I’ll tell you what set me off today — some moron on AOL gave the movie CAPOTE a one star review that claimed it was boring and a great opportunity to grab an nap. BORING! Yeah, I guess if … Continue reading

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Pattern Non recognition

One of the few living writers that interests me is William Gibson. His latest book is called PATTERN RECONITION, and except for the lame ending, it isn’t a bad book. It’s not as speculative as most of his work but … Continue reading

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Metaphor for BUSH

So what is it in the news today, you may ask, gentle reader, that has got UBU’s bile flowing, his spleen expanding, his gorge rising? How about the start of the sign-up for the new Medicare “benefits?” What, you say, don’t … Continue reading

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Why is there a Nicole Richie?

I’ll tell you the "news" story that made me want to rant today — It was about Nicole Richie’s book signing for her new "novel." NICOLE RICHIE’S NOVEL! That’s all you really have to say. How can a talentless, ignorant dunderhead … Continue reading

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