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Au Revoir, Godard

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Ginger Rogers

  in Vivacious Lady [1938]

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Melanie Griffith

in “The Bonfire of the Vanities”

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All They Can Think Of

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She was far and near High and low Present and yet hidden She made herself accessible Yet no one could grasp her — Heinrich Seuse (ca. 1295-1366)

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Noir Veronica Fatale

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Friday The Thirteenth

It’s Black Cat Day How Far Is Camp Crystal Lake From Here Name’s Annie I’ll Never Come Back Again

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A preamble in the past — the outsider wants to give the heroine his heart valentine, but she finds him too odd, and prefers the fast track talent of the popular swain. Sadly the latter is racked, like a coat, … Continue reading

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Gina Lollobrigida as the Queen of Sheba; wearing a diaphanous white dress with heavy embroidered cuffs; standing in an open doorway; photograph Date: 1959 The British Museum

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The Swinger

starring Ann-Margaret [1966]

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