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the evening is cooland beyond theslackening rainthrough broken cloudsa moon immaculate— Jōzan Ishikawa

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Sea of the Sunset

Upper Sea

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Portrays A Preserved Head

Once thought to be war trophies, severed heads among the Nazca (100 BC–AD 800) were ritual objects of unknown purpose. The figure portrayed on the vessel has its mouth sewn shut with cactus spines. The Field Museum, photographer John Weinstein

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Desiré Maurice Ferrary (1852–1904)Lady Lever Art Gallery

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I go on my walk – there are a lot of helicopters around because of the airshow – Vietnam era ones I know the names of from when I was a kid – a couple big Chinooks and a bunch … Continue reading

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Feel It?

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PanUnknown artistStockwood Discovery Centre It’s that time of summer when things get a little crazy…and we with them

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Excuse Me

excuse me butthis is what we havethis is what we havein these bags of skin

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Magic Wand

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