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Fine White Margin

Fine White Margin   The principle of evidence Our will less leaving and taking From every room we’re in   The eroding white margin The sometimes intemperate Fine heaving beneath   Perched on the slightest Gesture of intent hesitation Anticipation … Continue reading

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Convocation   The first day back from summer vacation is the best day, really, despite all the complaining we feel compelled to do about it. It’s kind of like the big bang, the first second of creation, the primal instant … Continue reading

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New Eve

New Eve   On entering an invisible distance A broad regard without conclusion Reproach and welcome altogether Resumed perpetual a vested interest General particular intimate In repose colliding diverted Stepping out of the well whatever Back to back to never … Continue reading

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Metaphor in the Village Inn

Metaphor in the Village Inn   If your mystery allowed me A single metaphor tonight Do you think I’d have The strength to take it? . As you sit at the bar, your face A portrait framed in the space … Continue reading

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A Child’s Dress

A Child’s Dress   A child’s dress on a woman A sun dress under the moon   In the fields, the Elysian fields Her face under my hands Hair stretched in black ink scratches Across her face   Sandals dangling … Continue reading

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Degree   You are my sunshine The Muzak croons My only sunshine Playing on hold over the phone As you lean across the copying machine Handing me you husband’s photographs Housebreaking reality very composed The silver roadrunner The object intractable … Continue reading

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From a Hynagogic Journal, Part 12: The Final Chapter

So beginning, middle – I guess we all know what comes next. Kathy and I certainly did, and were aware of the inevitably of the end from the first words of our relationship. I’d given her my ususal speech at … Continue reading

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Indigo (1967)

Indigo (1967)   All history in her bone A period of a new kind Deliciously aware solid smooth Circus girl tumbler ballerina The jolly best piece of Anglo Saxon ass in the country A little virago your mash What’s she … Continue reading

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The Kingdom of the Blind

The Kingdom of the Blind   Something very Still and appreciative The reflective cold face The silent scarce hesitation The thing in the cupboard Of this unnatural restraint Silent, incurious yet Highly plausible   Fearfully bucked Your little laugh greeting … Continue reading

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Snow on Saint Patrick’s Day

Snow on Saint Patrick’s Day   Running darkness And Sudden lights Will you praise me?   Some men count Blood and walk With you when they Can go no farther You can’t pretend otherwise And You can’t forget But somehow, … Continue reading

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