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Ivan Buin: Dark Avenues

I admit it – when I saw Dark Avenues by Ivan Bunin at the library sale I thought twice about buying it. True, it was in a cool UK “Oneworld Classics” edition, (with a largely inappropriate cover illustration – to … Continue reading

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RadioFreeUBU has been

and I am SO proud

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Crime Beat: Ypsilanti Barbecue

Grill kicked over in dispute; man burned Ypsilanti police reported they arrested a man accused of kicking hot coals from a charcoal grill onto another man during an argument Sunday evening, reports said. Officers responded to the 400 block of … Continue reading

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From The UBU Great Lakes Literary Center of Literocity

THIS SENSUOUS POLYNESIAN PARADISE SET STRANGE DESIRES ABLAZE! SENT to fend for themselves on a lush tropical island, the innocent Crampton kids faced voluptuous temptation on every side. Soon pretty Virginia yielded to love making that turned her soul to … Continue reading

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Another Notable Book From The UBU Collection

These were my boss’s orders: "FIND A GIRL FROM THE UNDERWORLD. LIVE WITH HER." That was my assignment – to be the magazine’s New York underworld reporter. Only one man knew about it, my editor. It wasn’t hard, if you … Continue reading

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Crime Beat: Ypsilanti Balcony or Because It’s There

Man climbs into Deja Vu rafters A man who wanted to get a better view of the action at a Ypsilanti strip club was arrested after police talked him down from the ceiling early Sunday, reports said. Ypsilanti police were … Continue reading

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Why I Won’t Miss The Ann Arbor News

Don’t get me wrong, I love newspapers. I grew up in a house where they were a part of the landscape and it’s remained that way for me. I can’t wake up unless I have my cup of tea and … Continue reading

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New On The IndieNext What To Read List

HOOKED! Millie joined the sex club for kicks. She told herself that when she got tired of that she would move on to something else. Unfortunately for Millie, it didn’t work out that way. Like so many other members of … Continue reading

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New Year’s

New Year’s New Year’s eve at Nietzsche’s – eternal recurrence, right? Same as every year, a party with a life of its own. Even that time Nietzsche was in Morocco everybody came to his house anyway, parking on the lawn, … Continue reading

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The New Ann Arbor Reads Selection

A NIGHT IN THE LIFE  The party was just beginning. The hip cats and turned-on teenyboppers were arriving on every kind of wheel, while hard rock mingled in the Southern California air with the sweetish, dreamy smoke of Acapulco Gold. … Continue reading

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