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This year’s Jack

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We work with top educators and librarians to select the finest books for every age

Here sin was not a pleasure to be lightly accepted; rather, a thing to be worked at for a livelihood, to be accomplished with all the loathsome viciousness dredged up from the secret places in the warped souls of people … Continue reading

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Stay See

I see icy Olympian Melting in the pool   More Willendorf than Milo But Venus none the less   Mistress of my imagination Interest compounding daily   First frost love bites Tan trick gropings   Crawling breast stroke World record … Continue reading

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It’s so nice to be sincerely appreciated!

Hey there! Fantastic blog! I really enjoy how you detailed Emma Hart (c.1761–1815), Later Lady Hamilton . Fantastic, I’ve never thought that someone is able to decide on Emma Hart (c.1761–1815), Later Lady Hamilton in this fashion. Say thanks a … Continue reading

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Heeding The Call

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Until Now

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Book of the month from the Great Lakes Center for Literocity!

He came out of the backwoods to thrill sophisticated city women. But one girl proved an even wilder creature than he! DEPOSITED WITH THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, 1964

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Don’t You Hate It When That Happens?

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #45 The Spider Sapphire Mystery [1968]

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Figure of Syama Tara (Green or Dark Tara)

Tibet, 17th century AD Cast copper alloy (bronze?) with gilding, pigment and inlaid with turquoise and coral

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