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Don’t Mind Them Daddy! They’re Beatniks!

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The Kingdoms of the Instantaneous

I came to Surrealism at an early age and hence it sometimes seems old hat to me and even a trifle jejune — but every so often I read something that reminds me how fantastic it is — definitely my … Continue reading

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Scared and Silent, Runaway, 13, Spent 11 Days in the Subways

Francisco said he never saw the signs. He lost sense of time. He was prepared, he said, to remain in the subway system forever.   No one spoke to him. Asked if he saw any larger meaning in that, he … Continue reading

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  Offer Sitting around Virginia’s dorm room with the gang, the usual rowdy bull session, and tonight I’m the biggest bull slinger of all, boasting about my prowess at cunnilingus, offering my services to all comers (so to speak) and … Continue reading

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Purley Gates Visits Riverdale

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Crime Beat: Merely Canadian

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Crime Beat: A Bad Night

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Punk Becomes Background Music for Commerce

They were playing "London Calling" by the Clash in the bank today, and Elvis Costello and Talking Heads in the supermarket — I guess after a certain amount of time capitalism can digest almost anything….

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