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Literocity 4 Life

This book is an abstract attempt to capture and isolate the subtle subterranean originality of a people so hip that Life has brought them to the edge of time where they forcibly knelt at an altar of their own conjurations. … Continue reading

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Things Could Be Connected

you know

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Francis Picabia’s drawing of Greta Garbo (circa 1940-42) Estate of Francis Picabia/Artist’s Rights Society (ARS). NY; via Michael Werner Gallery

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Upper Deck

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Rose Garrard (b.1946) and Steve Allard and A. B. Fine Art Foundry and moreBellevue Terrace (A449), Great Malvern, Worcestershire

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shadows swarm like antsover today’s fallen body

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May Woods

In her translucentGreen sundressFreshly wetEven swampy

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Mihailovsckaya Edita

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Calamity Certificate

She has a face likely to draw attention A heroic consolation devoutly to be wished A calamity certificate identity all motive unknown This begins with sexual folly and radiant desire We’re like two eggs cracking in a wicked farce Frying … Continue reading

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