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Ishtar Rising by Robert Anton Wilson

  I’m sure every book addict has felt it – that sudden craving, that fierce irrational (irrational? a book lover?) itch for a certain book – the overwhelming urge TO HAVE IT. I must admit that it wasn’t really love … Continue reading

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Autumn by Boise

  For Autumn has found me And thrown her arms around me. She has breathed on my lips and I wander apart, Dead leaves in my heart.   – Lord Alfred Douglas

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Headline Round up

  Judges: Sheep sex doesn’t make man a sex offender   Police say vomit caused car crash    

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Crime Beat: The Smoking Chicken of Ypsilanti

  Smoking chicken brings firefighters   Several apartment residents were evacuated from their homes Sunday morning when another tenant left chicken cooking on the stove. Ypsilanti firefighters said they were called to the 100 block of South Grove Road just … Continue reading

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The Problem With Republicans

  The idea that the government is the problem rather than the solution, which even today is bandied about by such intellectual heavyweights as Sarah Palin, has been around for a long time, but it really started to gain traction … Continue reading

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Waiting for Heather — Part Six

  But in spite of all his gifts, there was something lacking in Harry, some essential flaw in his powers of judgement. He could figure out at a glance the way things worked and how all the pieces fit together, … Continue reading

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Shinbone Alley

  One of the reasons I didn’t post yesterday was that I’ve been dealing with a lot of vintage and semi-vintage paperbacks from several sources: I think this is my favorite cover:    

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Crime Beat: A Headline and Quote That Float My Boat

  Disturbing headline of the week: Fertilizer fumes used to hurt man   Disturbing quote of the week: "Washtenaw is a hot county for wild pigs right now," said Kristine Brown of Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources.  

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Bitter Pill

  I’m not a songwriter BUT yesterday while I was walking to work this little ditty started running through my head called "Bitter Pill." It was a sort of Elvis Costello country ballad type thing and I worked out about three … Continue reading

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