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Graphic Depiction

A young woman named Marion Bonnington who was out walking near Hamstreet in 2014 captured perhaps the most graphic depiction of the ghost in a photo she sent to her sister in Seven Oaks. Bonnington was never seen again.

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Licentious Worship/Holy Rites

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teasingly displaying her seductive body offering her supernatural charms as inducement for the trembling earl to change his mind

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After sexual intercourse had taken place, the mer-people were said to lose their human form, fading away to ghostly images which were still able to converse with their partners. — Colin Waters

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Are we not spirits, that are shaped into a body, into an Appearance; and fade away into air and invisibility? — Thomas Carlyle

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Babes of the Apocalypse

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The Giant’s Dance

The Guide Stoner The Queen’s TokeStep in the field of the Giant’s DancePart of an incredible system of energyThe transmission of which fell into disuseThousands of years ago and was revivedBy this stoner this goddess stoner whoCaptured elemental contact high … Continue reading

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Fruit being fruit flowers being flowersDoing happy powder with the Dope KingDriving from National Products toThe New Federal Building with ConnieIn order to escape investigationReally awakens a lot of parts of meDifferent aspects of my bodyIn ways I wouldn’t have … Continue reading

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Temptation Is Necessary

The great insinuationThe horrible doctrineTemptation by necessityMany are the harlots thatSwarm upon the earthObscuring the messagesOf the angels enraptIn the divine drama ofA hundred Octobers

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Three Rivers

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