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Mignon Eberhart: Forgotten Titan

She knew that something was happening in the house. To me that line, the first one from 1944’s Escape the Night, is probably the ultimate Mignon Eberhart sentence. Eberhart, little remembered today, was once called “America’s Agatha Christie,” and wrote … Continue reading

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Since She Went Away, David Bell, New American Library, $16.99.

If you want a compelling reading experience, just pick up a David Bell book. Reading the first page can be like leaning over a suspense generating machine — the gears of the story will grab any loose time you have … Continue reading

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Hard Light, Elizabeth Hand, Minotaur, $25.99.

A stolen passport will only get you so far. That memorable first sentence reintroduces us to one of my favorite protagonists, Elizabeth Hand’s Cass Neary. Hard Light, the third installment in the misadventures of our anti-heroine follows closely on the … Continue reading

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