Life Without Steelers

I know my binary readership isn’t all that football friendly, but there are some universal truths to be gleaned by my beloved Steelers pathetic performance last night and the sad result that they have no chance to repeat as superbowl champions —

One is that not everything you see on TV has a happy ending. That’s actually what I like about football and sports in general — what you’re going to see is a unique, totally unscripted, absolutely unpredictable spectacle in time and space with a clear winner and loser. And really it shows the subjectivity of it all – one person’s unhappy ending is another’s happy one.

As my son said, oh well, you can’t win it all every year.

So lets enjoy each and every small victory, overcome the losses and continually strive for a only fitfully achievable excellence.

And keep hoping ’till next season.

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1 Response to Life Without Steelers

  1. Gregorio says:

    Quitter talk: mathematix sez we r stil innit!!!!!

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