Three Small Pleasures That Are No More


The Evening Paper

Yesterday was my day off, and I spent the whole afternoon absentmindedly waiting for the thump of the evening paper, which I eventually realized was never, ever going to come again.


The Ice Cream Truck

This summer that semi-creepy ice cream truck tune was another sound I also vainly waited for. The best thing about it was the total randomness – when we heard it my whole family would stop what we were going and rush out to catch it – even if we were eating dessert at the time.


Finding Time on the Parking Meter

The city is slowly switching to a single meter station in the middle of the block. All very efficient, and folks can also use their credit cards, which relieves me of what on some days seems like my primary responsablity in the eyes of the world, giving change to the unappreciative masses. However, they’ve got it rigged so that the remaining time for the car before doesn’t carry over, thereby eliminating the ridiculously huge kick you get from finding time already on the meter.

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2 Responses to Three Small Pleasures That Are No More

  1. Stella says:

    We still get the ice cream trucks through here so if you want to come porch sitting next summer….Here’s something that seems to resonate with this thread, I went to check out Aldi’s yesterday. When I went to grab a cart they were locked together. Finally I noticed a tiny sign that said "Please deposit 25 cents for cart" or something like that. I didn’t.

  2. Nigel says:

    Once those parking meter stations will actually accept change I’ll like them a little bit better. I use the card as sparingly as possible. Possibly because I’ll always be freaked out by the debit card scene in "A Handmaid’s Tale".

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