Crime Beat: Stuck on Coffee

Stabbed man puzzles police

Police are still puzzled by an incident involving a man with a 5-inch knife stuck into his chest who walked into a restaurant and ordered a coffee Sunday.

"His story is still questionable," Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer said Thursday.

The 52-year-old man called 911 in Warren and said he was stabbed after a man tried to rob him.

The man told the operator to send an ambulance to Bray’s, a restaurant in neighboring Hazel Park.

While waiting for the ambulance, he cooly walked into the restaurant and ordered coffee, startling employees and customers, police said.

The restaurant manager was not available for comment Thursday.

The man, whom police have not identified, has recovered, according to police.

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3 Responses to Crime Beat: Stuck on Coffee

  1. Stella says:

    Can’t blame him, I LOVE Bray’s.

  2. UBU says:

    Damn good coffee…

  3. Gregorio says:

    Coffee: Good.

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