Description (In Witness’s Own Words): I was watching a baseball game on network television sometime during the autumn of either 1976 or 1977. Suddenly the camera switched from the game to something suspended in the sky. The "something" looked like a three story building hanging at an angle of about 30%. One of the commentators said "what is that?" The other commentator said "I have no idea." The camera panned back to the game. A few minutes later the camera again turned to the object. One commentator said "What IS that." The other again disclaimed any knowledge about it. Again a few minutes later the camera turned to the object, this time switching to a telephoto lens. One commentator said "I want to know what THAT is." The other indicated that he would like to know as well. I waited expectantly for the evening news, but there was no mention of the incident either on the local or the national news. Eventually I almost forgot about this strange "sighting." I am (almost) sure I was watching a baseball game between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. The game was in Cincinnati. The home team should still have a tape recording of the game, which might prove very interesting.



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  1. Gregorio says:

    Dave ParkerDavid Gene Parker (Cobra)Bats Left, Throws RightHeight 6′ 5", Weight 230 lb.

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