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  Ballet Dancer Strangely dateless She who excels Who mystifies Who dresses to please And gives pleasure The gifted goddess All the young girls Follow The enchantress Of the enchanter The crown jewel The all in all Shakti spirit of … Continue reading

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Book Covers

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Quote Bag: Dreamily Presentient

  Every Teleut shaman has a spirit wife who lives in the seventh heaven, where he meets her and makes love to her during his ecstatic journeys. – Mircea Eliade   The possession of her, the Cosmic Shakti, the living … Continue reading

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Crime Beat: Where’s The Love?

Man arrested after demanding hug Ann Arbor Police say a drunken Superior Township man became disorderly when a police sergeant refused to hug him on Thursday. Officers arrived to the area of Main and Ann streets at about 5 p.m. … Continue reading

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  To ensure propriety She invites me to her house To have dinner with her And her husband Only guess what Her husband’s not there  

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Quote Bag: E.T.A. Hoffman

  If there is a malignant power that treacherously introduces a thread into our hearts, by means of which it then drags us along a dangerous, a ruinous path which we should never have trodden of our own accord, then … Continue reading

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Out of Orlando

  After a while in a place "where dreams come true" like Walt Disney World the question becomes – what’s real and what isn’t? Look at the WDW09 photo show to the right. Is that a real tiger or animatronic? … Continue reading

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