Quote Bag: Shake


Let’s shake some heavy stuff out of the Quote Bag, shall we?


IN THAT YE ARE CANNIBALS, what meat should I offer?

– Austin Osman Spare


Feeble puffing is not my forte. It will do these fellows good to hear the truth, and stimulate them to worthier efforts.

– E. A. Poe


Cerebral play is only a mask. Underway beneath this mask is the invasion of the brain by forces unknown to us.

– Andrey Biely


Full speed through the darkness, no helmet, with a deep conviction that life could only get more and more fantastic.

– Johan Theorin


The animals, plants or inanimate objects, are no sooner confident of success and security than they are utterly destroyed by some superior and usually unconscious agency.

– Sir Kenneth Clark


I said to myself: you’re all excited, aren’t you? You kid yourself that she’s merely literature to you – yet that wizened soul of yours put out fresh shoots the moment she’s friendly to you and starts looking at you with those eyes of hers.

– Knut Hamsun


Tess Durbeyfield did not divine, as she innocently looked down at the roses in her bosom, that there behind the blue narcotic haze was potentially the ‘tragic mischief’ of her drama – one who stood fair to be the blood-red ray in the spectrum of her young life.

– Thomas Hardy


Once her perfect beauty had blinded others. Now they were blinded by her disarray.

– Thomas H. Cook


Sexual preoccupation is an imperious thing, and when it’s in full color, it makes all other preoccupations look slightly beside the point.

– Suzanne Berne


There was no face in the world so utterly satisfying – no, not one, among the lovely clever good ugly silly wicked faces of this world, all anxious, all selfish, all mean, all unsatisfied and unsatisfying.

– Baron Corvo


She was as lovely as only an Irish woman can be, having that in her bearing that betokened quiet pride, having that in her eyes that betokened great longing, having that in her body that betokened happy promise.

– Radclyffe Hall


What I woulda done to her shall not be allowed in this Bible. Yet it woulda been spelled LOVE.

– Jack Kerouac

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