Men’s Adventure

In honor of their 25th anniversary, those Krazy Krauts at Taschen are republishing some of their finer volumes at a new low, low price. Taschen has always had a fine foreign eye for the pulp sleaze of the good old USA, and one of the reissues is a killer book called Men’s Adventure Magazines, which is mostly ultra-yummy covers from those classic slices of red, white and blue id. I couldn’t help jotting down a number of my favorite article titles, sprinkling a little UBU dust on them and artfully presenting them to you, my beloved readers. And remember it’s all true!!


Men’s Adventure or

Nympho Quartet vs The Sex Beast Of The Sea


7,250,000 Sex-Starved Man-Hunters On The Prowl

Nothing Can Stop The Strippers

The Vicious Vampire Vamps of Vera Cruz

The Hot House Hussies Who Teased A King

The Doomed Harlots In Hitler’s House Of Horror

The 9 Nudes of Count Perigrin

The Nude Bikini Debs Of The Death-Head Gang

The Underwater Nymphos Who Blasted Tojo’s Navy

The Golden Nympho Who Smashed The Luftwaffe

The Nympho Huntress Of Buckoo Reef

Nympho Gaucho Of The Mato Grosso

The Torrid Tiger Nymph Of Nyasaland

The Commie Hating Joy Girl From Yonggampo

Mme. O’Connor And The House Of Unique Cutlass Colleens

Love Saleswomen On The Loose

Nude Lust Slaves Of Hitler’s Russian Monster

Nude Goddess Of The Aborigines

Velvet-Skinned Doll In The Bonanza Bar

White Flesh For The Warlords Of China

Soul Mates Of Torment For France’s Monster King

Chained Nude For The Monster’s Rack


The Nude Swindles Of Piera The Playgirl

The Orgy Trap Of The Commie Brainwash Girls

The Ten Day Orgy Of Brazil’s Lost Women

The Fantastic Lust Plot Of The Nazi Harlot Spy

The Wild Rescue Of The Commies’ Top Sin Doll

The Sex Pills That Are Making Teenage Girls Nymphos

Stretch Pants Teens – Sex Revolt Of Suburbia

Passion Playgrounds Of The Teen Jet Set

Springtime Passion Rites Of Teenagers Gone Wild

Nude Coeds Reward Campus Rioters

Hell Night Orgy For High School Virgins

Torture Trap Of The Nympho Schoolgirls

Lethal Lust Of The Teenage Prom Dancers

Lust Slave Of The Teenage Passion Queens

Jap Water Torture Of Exotic Guerilla Girls

Nude Crossing Of East Germany’s Death Ship

Death Orgy Of The Doomed Vice Queens


Cannibal Crabs Crawl To Kill

Mad Monkeys Manned The Lifeboats

Fish With Human Hands Attacked Me

Slashed To Bits By Killer Bats

Chewed Alive And Screaming


Trapped In The House Of Nazi Dagger Girls

Trapped In A Blizzard Of Mink Clad Nymphos

Trapped By The Wild Nymphos’ Lust Orgy

I Was Trapped In A Beatnik Brothel

I Was Doomed By The Monkey Gods

I Was Captured By The Love Hungry Virgins Of Tibet

I Ate The Sex Plants Of Ponape

I Watched Myself Being Eaten Alive

I Fought The Queen Of The Switch-Blade Jungle

I Gave My Legs To The Maggots of Africa

I Saw Them Sacrifice Virgins To The Giant-Condors

I Led France’s Silken Harlots Of Slaughter

I Led The Nazi Nymphos Against The Red Hordes

I Led The Revolt Of Castro’s Hell House Harlots

I Sell Love And Passion To Way-Out Women

I’ll Roll You In The Passion Pit Palace

Kruschev’s Secret Wife Was My Mistress

Satan’s Pigs Ate Us Alive


Hophead On The Run

Harem Stealing Yank In Arabia

The Redhead Nympho Was A Cannibal

Nude Queen Of The Communist Cannibals

Never Marry A Cannibal

They Made Me Eat My Mate

Give Your Daughters To The She-Monster From Hell

Find The White Queen Of The Jap Guerillas

Swim Through Your Own Blood To Slaughter Beach



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