Dear Editor: Creche Keeping

Dear Editor:

The citizens of Parkway are again facing their annual debate as to whether a creche of our blessed Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ and Master of All Nations should be allowed on municipal property or not.

For many generations our town lived in perfect peace and harmony (and I do NOT except those much overblown, propagandized and misunderstood incidents, the alleged "lynching" of 1952 and the so-called "race riot" of 1966) secure in the knowledge that the creche would stand on Chippewa Common next to the Old Hanging Tree in a blessed rectangle of holy space today bordered by City Hall, the Big-Kone Dairy Queen, Dewey’s Dry Cleaner and the Super-Kleen Laundromat. But one black day the forces of the ACLU came thundering into town in their Japanese cars and decided to crucify Our Lord and Savior once again, this time in the guise of an innocent plaster child sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. The secularist atheists who smash fragile innocents at this altar are not aware that the master they in fact serve is none other than the head of the ACLU and Iran, the prince of darkness himself, ignoble Satan.

The secularist delusion that church and state should be separated is now clearly obsolete in the face of the sustained terrorist attacks we have all endured since God’s servant the President and Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush ascended to the presidency bringing all the wrath of the dark one’s minions. Our blessed Founding Fathers, who resemble our President and Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush not a little, meant this country to have as many creches as it could hold, and in fact the recent discovery of a wooden baby head at Valley Forge has led many experts at the Heritage Foundation to conclude that a creche was set up during that, our nation’s bleakest Christmas.

The ACLU Blitzkrieg would no doubt then, had they existed, have ridden into town on their asses, torn apart this scene of our Savior and His Holy Blessed Family, and probably even ripped out the wooden teeth of George Washington which are known by the knowledgeable scholar to have been incised with the 10 Commandments and other inspirational Christian writings so that they might infuse his every word.

A country like ours, although there is no other country like ours because we are alone significantly chosen by God to obey His Rules and impose our way of life on His Universal Dominions, is under the onslaught of a diabolical enemy whose only desire is to destroy American culture and traditions. We don’t have time to quibble about the Constitution or "Civil Liberties" when we are in the middle of a desperate struggle for our very way of life by invaders who have already reached the shores of Iraq. If we must, in order to defend our freedom, suspend the Constitution and the rights of those anti-Christians who openly side with our enemy in this millennial conflict, then as our President and Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush says, "Mission Accomplished." Let the torture continue. This is about saving our country from the collectivists.

It is deeply ironic to me, and I would laugh if I could laugh from between the teeth which are still gritted in the face of the enemy, that I have just witnessed a parade of impressionable young children going to our schools and roaming our neighborhoods permitted, nay encouraged, to dress up as the most horrifying and sacrilegious specters of Satanhood on the pagan traditional day of human sacrifice of men and souls known as "Halloween." And then they are supposed to be given a "treat" of expensive and cavity inducing candy for traipsing about in the guise of the unholy! And I am called a "weird grouchy old man" for refusing to give these freeloaders a hand out and instead furnishing a piece of my mind! Where was the ACLU to defend my freedom of speech when their parents were calling me such vile names? And yet we God-fearing Christians who worship His Holy Name and are devoted sons of His Hand Picked Country created in His Own Image are not permitted to see the image of our blessed Savior’s Nativity represented by a delightful plaster simulacrum! No wonder the Satanic infidels are at our very door and their car bomb suicide hearses are being driven by the ACLU!

Walter C. Adhadeck


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