Who Put the LIBS in LIBRARIES?

I went into the "public library" to use the washroom and meet some new friends, and let me tell you people, what I saw there MADE MY BLOOD BOIL! These LIBRARY LIBS are "lending" books to ANYONE THAT WANTS THEM – FOR FREE!!! Come on, people, haven’t we learned how to TREAT THE POOR? Entitlements, handouts, government support – they just pamper a lot of lazy BUMS who don’t want to work hard enough to BUY A BOOK! I guess the "librarian" liberal effete elite just don’t believe in CAPITALISM and THE AMERICAN WAY! Don’t they know that GOD’S HOLY BIBLE tells us "THOU SHALT NEITHER A LENDER NOR A BORROWER BE?" Talk about GOVERNMENT GONE WILD! When are we finally going to acquaint the "underprivileged" with GOD’S TRUTH that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH? NOT ON MY DIME, BUDDY! Aren’t we tired of ANTI-BUSINESS LIBS who try to cripple AMERICAN INDUSTRY? Who is going to buy a book when these people are "lending" them for free?

And who put the LIBS in LIBRARIES anyway? Losers can check out books on ANY SUBJECT there, including GAY MARRIAGE, ABORTION, GUN CONTROL, BIRTH CONTROL, "EVOLUTION," GODLESS PAGAN ATHEISM and even BILL CLINTON! People are going on the internet in libraries, the UNREGULATED INTERNET where they can learn to MAKE BOMBS, GROW GERM WARFARE and even look at MOVEON.ORG! Remember these are the same "librarians" who refused to hand over all the personal information on what their "patrons" were "checking out" when our president and commander in chief PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH ordered them to! Just in the name of "privacy" and "freedom." These are things that WE CANNOT AFFORD to pay attention to in a time of a WAR FOR FREEDOM! What have they got to hide? There are probably books about RADICAL ISLAMOFACISM freely circulating and HOMELAND SECURITY should know who is "curious" about this garbage.

These LIBRARY LIBS have never publically said that they WOULDN’T GIVE OSAMA BIN LADEN a LIBRARY CARD if he qualified. Why an IRANIAN ISLAMOFASCIST with a library card could walk in and get a book about HOW TO BUILD AN ATOMIC BOMB! How do we know SADDAM and the other 9/11 HIJACKERS didn’t learn how to fly planes into buildings from a LIBRARY BOOK? The 9/11 HIJACKERS who escaped and are fighting our brave soldiers (the REAL ONES who support the war) in our 51st state IRAQ are probably learning how to build ROADSIDE BOMBS from a LIB LIBRARY book! Let’s ask OBAMA and HILLARY which they support more, LIBRARIES or OUR FIGHTING MILITARY?

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with books – my own book People, Let’s Shoot the Traitors and Other Commonsense Ways to Continue the War on Terror is something EVERYONE SHOULD OWN, but let’s face it, you don’t have to read a book to AGREE WITH EVERYTHING our president and commander in chief PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH says, and in fact too much "knowledge" about "reality" might impede this crucial imperative. Why not follow the TRUE REPUBLICAN WAY and PRIVATIZE the libraries the way BLACKWATER has turned killing "civilians" into a profitable and efficient enterprise which allows them to redistribute more TAX MONEY TO THE CONSERVATIVE CAUSE? It’s a WIN-WIN idea! I’m sure a company like WAL-MART wouldn’t let the "patrons" walk out of their library with books for FREE. If the LIBRARY LIBS want free and balanced "information"maybe they should tear out the shelves and install televisions with one channel – FOX NEWS! There’s all the "free" information anyone needs to have – let the freeloading losers watch that and maybe they’d learn a thing or two!

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2 Responses to Who Put the LIBS in LIBRARIES?

  1. Stella says:

    Man if you can work the word "chucklehead" into that it it will be perfect.

  2. Robert says:

    As in "those chuckleheaded lil’ hucksters of global-warming dread" ?

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