Editor’s Note: Quotebag

Editor’s note:

Mrs. Sophie Krels and her son and daughter, Don and Judy, and Bobby Nixon, as named in this story, are real characters who played the part in the case as set forth herein, but have been given these fictitious names to save them from embarassment.


The imposter is the dream and the Emperor is the dreamer himself.

– Sigmund Freud


The difference is crucial, for Johnson’s detachment enabled him to think and speak of such things as the "true state" of life. Sterne is the first writer of fiction to believe that there is no such happy thing as objective and universal reality. Instead, he knows intuitively that reality is no more than a projection in his own head – and we know what he thought of that head.

– David Thomson


It had ever, as I told the reader, been one of the singular blessings of my life, to be almost every hour of it miserable in love with someone.

– Laurence Sterne


I could devour the little witch. If she had a plague-spot on her, I could touch the infection.

– William Hazlitt


(In Washington, D.C. the young hipsters who run the White Tower late at night and freefeed their subterranean flipped chicks have no conception whatever of the dignity which we are supposed to employ in the contemplation of Abraham Lincoln)

– Jack Kerouac

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