Thrill Crazy: Quotebag: Wisdom of the great books

In one corner, standing on a rough stage, a poet, his hair as wooly as a Brillo pad, his pocked nose jutting beyond the sagebrush of his beard, held a few sheets of notepaper on a level with his eyes. He whispered the word.

Pamela’s Group by JH


A mile away on the prep school campus was the witch who had captured his lusts.

Family Festivities by Robert Bedford


She couldn’t be over eighteen. She had on no make up except lipstick, and she didn’t need it. She looked innocent and defenseless until he looked at her eyes. A strange glitter shone from them.


Her Capri pants were equally as tight as the sweater, and he watched the oscillating of her hips as she crossed the room to take the only chair.


He stared in mesmerized fascination. The magnetism of her was a tangible blow in the face. She reeked of something so desirable and at the same time so evil that he was both repelled and attracted.


He hadn’t said a word to her, but he was constantly aware of her. He didn’t have to look around to know that she was in a room. The place lighted up suddenly with a brilliance far beyond what a power company could give.

Thrill Crazy by Brad Curtis


But deep in him lived his knowledge of those darker dimensions of her character, at once repelling and fascinating – and as real a part of her as the splendid personality she was wearing today like a new gown.

Campus Motel by Christopher Storm


The kids back in Chicago would flip if they could have seen her at that swinging party tonight.


A hand found its way beneath her sweater. Fingers sought their quarry. Excitement beat a crazy path through her.

Big City Campus by Linda Michaels


"Doesn’t pay in the long run to do what the mob wants you to do. Especially when you want to blow your mind and split from a society like ours."

The Trip by Palmer Lane


Love is a corny word for sexual satisfaction. He was all switched on over the college babe!

Groovy Chick by Patricia Bentley


Cape kissed her again because of some inner compulsion he figured would have kept a psychiatrist busy for weeks. Her lips were moist, warm and experienced.


"Did he fall in love with Margo?"

Block was amused. "A man doesn’t fall in love with a girl like Margo. Glands, pal, glands."

Doorways to Danger by Mark Napier


She was one of that new generation of women who have been raised on probabilities of atomic annihilation and a great deal of dope.


Suddenly I saw her whole, this vibrant breathing creature of sound and touch, her entire body a field of pleasure and pain, and ripping aside all the silly conventions of time and space, I found myself in eternity with her, with no other considerations or connections, with not a thought for other people or other ties.

The Gentle Degenerates by Marco Vassi


He moved toward her, and to Becky the world seemed to explode at his touch. The bed rocked and the room spun as the fulfilment of her passion settled on her in huge waves that enveloped her body, evoking bright lights and piercing sounds as it did.

Cool and Collected by Blake Randall


It was easy to be drawn into that strange vibration which was neither his nor Margaret’s, but something they concocted between them, and then he left wandering in that ghostly space, dependent on her for his own awareness.


"But on another level," Reginald said, sliding up beside them, "We are just a bunch of sick, drugged, sex freaks living on the decaying edges of a decadent civilization."

In Touch by Marco Vassi


She couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t do anything but move with him and with her passion and respond to the forces that were working within the confines of her hot body. The floor beneath her felt as comfortable and soft as her own bed. The hands that touched and prodded, the mouths that kissed, felt absolutely one hundred percent out of this world.

The Corrupted by Andrew Shaw


One can conclude that when law and order breaks down to permit drug-taking and free-love communes then one must expect violent insurrection.

Satan’s Slaves by Richard Allen

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