Snow on Saint Patrick’s Day

Snow on Saint Patrick’s Day


Running darkness


Sudden lights

Will you praise me?


Some men count

Blood and walk

With you when they

Can go no farther

You can’t pretend otherwise


You can’t forget

But somehow, right now

The moment is absent

It’s just that way


Will you find me?


You’re in there with

The tall linebacker specializing

In spread-eagling school girls

On sweaty desks

My ear is to the door

But I hear nothing


You’ve disappeared

Some man in a car

You enter his house

You wear his watch


You’re walking; I’m thinking

Not speaking your name

I can’t remember any words


Come on, monotones of

exasperation don’t suit you


Don’t forget Saturday nights

Stumbling down Forbes Avenue

Declaring war on love


Or later, sitting

Two girls asleep upstairs

Writing, writing, writing you



You’re still walking

Rich man eating baby meat

Waiting for you

Sticks crossed on his shirt


He picks you up

Because it’s snowing

About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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