Indigo (1967)

Indigo (1967)


All history in her bone

A period of a new kind

Deliciously aware solid smooth

Circus girl tumbler ballerina

The jolly best piece of Anglo

Saxon ass in the country

A little virago your mash

What’s she blasting that’s

Got her so far out of her tree

She walks like slow music man

So sleekly so unguessably

Long smooth taffy legs gleaming

Waxed calves flashing scissors

From boot leather to mini leather

Leaving bare that lovely duplicated

Tender concavity its graceful clench

Cadence vibrant saucy sibilant a-hum with

Improbable energies an incomparable figure

Without blemish simultaneously rich and delicate

Glittering in a bright penumbra shifting stirring

Slanting morning sunlight playing a mottled game

Through the rough spill red-blond-gold-russet

Striking thrusts and angles vulpine harshness

A vivid emerald gleam so directed it’s difficult

To think clearly in her presence nature’s mockery

Innocent expression subterranean values

The pattern of the maze if not the thread




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