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Torment & Relief

You are altogether lovely and merry, you refresh and console, you nourish and unite, you are torment and relief, effort and rest, death and life in one, — Maria Maddalena de’ Pazzi

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Those who her eye alighteth upon are straightaway filled with Desire, false Virtue is stripped from them and their souls swept in a shoal towards her all-enfolding Shadow.

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So Good

her sacralityher sexualityher esoteric aspecther erotic aspect

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The High Goddess

This statue, known as the Lady of Trikomo, dates from the mid-6th century BC. In all probability it is a statue of the High Goddess of Cyprus. Louvre

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Virgin of the Annunciation

STARNINA, Gherardo di Jacopo c. 1410 Tempera on poplar panel, gold ground, 50 x 40 cm Musée du Petit Palais, Avignon

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Mami Wata Figure

Igbo Artist, Nigeria ca. 1950 The High Art Museum

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