Now Know This

[Her Here Now Now Know This What Goes On What Goes On Here A Spectrum Of Possibilities Peace And Love Pleasure In Sensation Mind Is Disordered Shift Verify And Touch A Theory Of Mind Betray The Sensation As Already Gone Far Edge Of Intelligibility Future Of Speech Around That To Complicate Around Intimates Things Complicate Beautiful Beings Excavated Criminal Degenerate & Parasite The Gazing And That Which Gazes Are No Longer Thought The Bitter Seed At The Core Of The World This Information Was The End Of History Break On Through Heaven Down Here In The Shadowy Wild Tale Of The Weird Goings On Under The Black Light How Is This Happening You Again She’s Back I’ve Been Told You Know What I Mean Each Has Been Sent As A Guide From Beyond My Old Time Used To Be Setting The Fiend On Fire Winning]

About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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