Broadcast Signal Intrusion


The secret flesh in the confluence the vessel is turning turning fugitive from the divine to mad discord enslaved the rounded body of all things in one the living element at war with lifelessness whose sensuous body gives deathless pleasure like wheat rising from the field her abundant revelation transfixes & engenders


Vaguely deviant shards alterity a concentrated deliberation
Fearful to behold yet impossible to overlook Shayna Maidel
Gleaming in the lighter’s flame this minute an edible avalon
I’m doing this so you can’t miss me
Created by male gaze raging in a plague
Shooting unerring arrows to uphold the truth
The department is dysfunctional how far do we pull back
The veil obscuring the pathological nature of our society
Unmask the facade of bourgeois desire
Without violently rending the overall fabric
Of our own lives

Unbridled day night graduation to what we love
Then those rosy little breasts in violet-sweet dreams
A back & forth moment in which the subject becomes the object
In essence we are the same as the world


My dear my tender sweet heather & stinging nettle
All forces of nature interlaced & bound together
The inmost force the glorious shining bosom of
She at whose feet breaks the flood of the world
Finally free from all constraint the vain attempt to
Separate the divine & physical sides of her nature
A wild spirit even following her death unspeakable
Great prophet of the dim world & the vanished one
Formed through catastrophic events with the long
Parted legs of total knowledge a cold white light of
More than ball-room brilliance beauty & calm repose
Even on that chaotic final day raw mysterious so
Alive until she wasn’t


Shy pale young woman &
The sublime impertinence
Of her system of fragments
I thought about you to
Like the ninth degree

She’s not going to answer
She’s going to turn away
With glimmers of celestial reality
The ineluctable essence of her
Graduations of consciousness
Corresponding to the world
A uniquely catastrophic figure
A being in ecstasy with ripe
Apple bliss & ecstatic delight
Lascivious sexual knowledge
Lewdness charm sensation delight
Sensuality voluptuousness lust
& whatever mixes everything up


Looking at the experience of being looked at down a dark hallway through french windows in the corner of a dark kitchen frightful as a precipice like a being of pure light presenting as human within the vessel of this world with dazzling excesses of human flesh reminiscent of the beautiful Venusian offering her disconcerting charms to old Geaorge Adamski in the Colorado desert 1952 a designated medium for the passage of a divine being a mark to guide the descent of a deity who will sanctify the links between heavenly & earthly worlds the shining one in the sky & the tree in the center of the passageway to the Goddess doing a new thing holding secret reins with you in the center amidst ritualistic fragments of the past & truths independent of human life at what level has our shared fascination with your body sent a message through space-time through a wormhole between two black holes of desire matter & energy warping space to create this gravity quantum teleportation the exchange of information between entangled pairs traversable with a small dose of negative energy to keep it open observing our unstable dynamics in this emerging experimental situation


Matters in the immediate present heart of danger in hot tub located in a remote spot behind the Princeton University Tennis Courts the rising of the tide rude ecstatic dancing & the sacred bough fair born maiden form mature form strange effects interference uncertainty entanglement maintain entanglement appreciate her virtues her quirks strange very curious quirks a mermaid swimming in the electrical current Lady of the Water Vesica Picis Vessel of the Fish-Goddess Delphos Salacia the primary impulse of creation in a watery womb of chaos Everything is happening she says finally We just can’t see it from here


Red hot chorus girl empty & grifting & fantastical Miss Sunny Doom a storm inscribed sound the heavenly strumpet engage to administer to her lewd propensities lads the most imperfect of her sex performatively normal this beauty is complicated possessed as a Pythian priestess by the breath of the divine as she slides around in the mud of modern confusion with that distance in her eyes amidst inspiration exploration the disordered the unbidden & the inadmissible against the organic fact of the human body the lower erotic members of the hierarchy the raptures & seductions of the fresh O undraped Goddess of the shrine how sideways will this go


Base reality that certainly didn’t help my cause white boots I wish you would be mine tonight this night that will forever haunt me as I encounter the dividing line between coherence & blur without flinching at the seedy row of fornication houses nature based deities moon goddesses rude teasing angry demanding to come to terms there’s a price to be paid same curve various variations


The true personality of the girl I yearned for was far from her idol-like mask it was that of an enchantingly paradoxical figure Pam Amaterasu who’s out there analogous to the human soul but simultaneously one of the feminine aspects of the divine overturning the moon & in so doing creating the material world

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