He Gazed on Her

He gazed on her peach of immortality gourd sacred fungus perceiver of sounds calling the world to witness to attract and interact with spirits a demon queller a living shrine for transporting the spirit of the goddess

Once again to catch a glimpse once again to see within the gate your ghost to hear you call with indifference once again we see between ourselves a glimpse that these things are part of some deeper rule

Ache explain cup filler of the gods dispensing nectar and ambrosia which by afternoon achieve an outrageous texture an irresistible pattern I’ll leave you a note in the akashic library an ache letter

I remembered what I wanted molting working an angle working an apple I see what I am and it’s cool the distant distinct churn of repetitive desire even at her most degraded she is still a spiritual experience desire is another self torsion the torsion full field intention the energetic full field of the body appreciating another with warmest admiration more than regal splendor the first order of fine forms wildly and delightedly inhuman racked & stacked suppliance in a wildness of surprise

In human is this possible even if it happens within the forms of the modern world calm awful and lovely the prospect of felicity coming into view she’s brought us this all of it regard her in convulsive agitation by flowery umbrage shaded exploring her sequestered solitude as the wings of the morning penetrate her innermost recesses an emblem of the transitory pleasures of life spending in agitation of soul her clandestine proceedings nothing but compulsion with inexpressibly agitated benignancy events that lead us still closer to the Goddess offering incense to the Supreme Serpent a sacred deposit

A resolution of shadows that seem to know it all as the dark shades of night begin to involve every object regard the wreck you left behind eager in pursuit of your wishes the shock of that moment separated us for ever in this world

Evoke Invoke a being of another world the canny blonde of
sacred redundancy the face of one which no time can wear from remembrance transcendence sacredness fascinating signs and mystical manifestations help feel descend such a beautiful absence of every other color charisma this matchless woman in my dreary dungeon the clay-cold bosom of our love but let me not murmur at the decrees of the Almighty Evident indeed there is no circumstance no palliation of longing I still fucking love you and the clematis that climbs your pergola like Inanna removing her pearls at the gates of hell or Hel herself stepping out of the concealed place and putting them on herself

Lady Abundance the Dove Maiden Harlot-Priestess of the sacred cave of rebirth with charms never equalled in her orgies she tastes the sacred fire of eternity through fornication seizing even gods in her embrace a holy encounter Slit Mouth Woman there are moments when it seems the veil will be removed an earthly glowing white that can scarcely contain the vitality of her bosom undergirding culture with desire building like a tower imagery of chthonic female sexuality mired in swampy imagery dream like migratory legends a subterranean subconscious oneiric quality darkness unconsciousness sleep

The female companion gone too deep a wrecked car that jumped the cliff wild as a hawk got wild eyes one of Satan’s own brazen lolling creature reveling in the joys of fleshly love gone face it understand over too close to the sententious sun godless to the last

We meet in the middle of a black night her goddess glance untrammeled suddenly flowering in this darkness Lady of the Palace great of magic a staggerer regal pleasure seeker impudent licentious striking the fantastic slippage of feeling suppressed too long voluptuous raptures that heretofore had existed only in disordered imagination the head spring that animates all her pearls fleshly ties fragrant yet full of dark foreboding a little ghostly gesture across the abyss agape tangled with human sin skin desire the devastating effect on those who peel her layers back

Revisit reflect the first instance of such a thing fine buxom body exquisite enchanting kinetic sorcerous starlike fathom the unfathomable amidst pot stoked pot bellied nymphs striking modern attitudes titillating incarnation don’t judge conception appreciate creation an ember fallen from the sun fallen to the earth sensate reappearing with ever more clarity and insistence

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